After decades of enjoying making greeting cards for friends and family Carole Goldthorpe formed CAGunique bringing her original photographic images to a wider audience. 

Obsession for detail

Carole has an obsession for detail. Capturing that moment, that split second never to be repeated. A one off image be it created or crafted from the natural beauty we see around us. 

About Teddy Henry

Teddy Henry is a handmade, 15cm, miniature jointed bear, created in the 20th century by Carole Goldthorpe. 

Carole continued to make miniature bears, each one with its own individual character. 

Now in the 21st century, this family of unique bears have become photo celebrities and form the basis of the Teddy Henry Collection.

These images are now available on a variety of products which can be purchased from the online stores of CAGunique.




Available Products:

Greeting Cards


Photographic Prints

Framed Prints

Canvas Prints



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cagunique online stores:

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