About Teddy Henry

Teddy Henry is a handmade, 15cm, miniature jointed bear, created in the  20th century by Carole Goldthorpe. 

Carole continued to make miniature bears, each one with its own individual character. 

Now in the 21st century, this family of unique bears have become photo celebrities and form the basis of the Teddy Henry Collection.

Teddy Henry and his friends live in the village of Pawdale in Padshire West Yorkshire and feature in numerous pictures.

In 2006 Teddy Henry's Tales was published.

Teddy Henry's Tales     "Something Shiny "

By Carole Goldthorpe

Published: October, 2006

Format: Saddle Stitch Softcover(Colour) 

Pages: 16 

Size: 8 x10 inches

 ISBN: 9781412098434 


 Teddy Henry's Tales "Something Shiny" is a traditional story picture book for young children:

it will stimulate their imaginations and allow many opportunities for discussion. 

Every picture tells a story and here in photographs of Teddy Henry and his friends we see their daily adventures in their own miniature world.  Each member of this unique family has been created by hand and their individual characters shine through on every page.

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